Laguna Water marks its first Million Safe Man Hours

Laguna Water launched its Safety Commandments as part of its 1 Million Safe Man Hours Celebration.

Laguna Water, the largest water and wastewater services provider in the Province of Laguna, ended 2017 with a significant record of achieving over 1 million safe man-hours without lost time injury.

It was August last year when Laguna Water reached its first million safe man-hours. Considering the type of business and the size of its projects, people involved in its initiatives are always at risk. Hence, achieving this milestone was a real challenge; but this shows the company's commitment to develop a culture of safety within the organization.

To ensure achievement of the company's 2 million safe man hours, Laguna Water launched its 10 safety commandments. This will remind employees and third-party service providers to comply with the company-wide safety rules.

Equipped with the right tools, trainings, and information and of course with a strong culture of concern for others, there is no reason why Laguna Water cannot achieve another million hours without lost time injury.

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