Laguna Water rolls out new read and bill process

Read and Bill Process. Laguna Water rolls out its new read and bill process that allows customers to receive their water bills right after the meter reading.

Laguna Water, on its seventh year of operation, continues to seek ways on improving its processes and systems with the intent of better serving its more than 115,000 customers in the Province of Laguna. Aiming for a more efficient way of delivering water bills, the company has recently implemented the new READ & BILL process. 

Prior to the Read and Bill process, Laguna Water uses a system that involves a 7-day bill processing. It takes seven (7) full days before bills are delivered to customers after the meter reading. Although this practice is detail-oriented, a considerable number of days pass before customers receive their water bills. 

To ensure that water bills are efficiently delivered to customers, Laguna Water’s READ & BILL process follows the method of reading the water meter, printing of the bill receipt and delivering of the bill, in successive steps done within just a few minutes. This new process allows customers the privilege of accurate and instant bill delivery.

The new and improved process brings also a significant change in the physical appearance of the water bill, which will now feature a receipt-like billing. Although the bill will have a new look, the important billing content has been left unchanged. Customers will still find information relating to their service information, billing details, and customer service hotline, among others. The new water bill will also feature customers’ 3-month payment history and a payment stub that they have to present to payment centers when paying their water bill.

Assisting Laguna Water in implementing the new process is Indra Company, one of the leading consulting and technology firm in Europe and Latin America and the same company responsible for implementing the same process benefitting customers of Manila Water in the East Zone of Metro Manila and the Province of Rizal. 

Committed to provide excellent customer experience, Laguna Water adapts industry best practices and implements new systems and technologies which aims to further strengthen and improve its services. 

Laguna Water is a successful public-private partnership between the Provincial Government of Laguna and Manila Water Philippine Ventures, a wholly-owned company by Manila Water Company Inc. (Manila Water), the Ayala-led water service provider in the East Zone of Metro Manila and a leader in the water industry in the Philippines, with presence in Vietnam, Myanmar and Indonesia.

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